Nourishing Nosh™
and the Sustainable Healthy Living™ brands represent healthy living. This includes food and food preparation as well as healthy daily-use products.

Many persons have the desire to live healthy lives but they don’t know where to start. Others have recently been told by a medical practitioner that they need to avoid certain foods or supplement but don’t know how to prepare healthy alternatives that are delicious. Our mission is to transfer the knowledge and skills to persons who want to be more healthy by:

  • avoiding certain foods
  • supplementing with healthy alternatives
  • learning how to prepare delicious food to get maximum nutrition

LogosTo achieve this Nourishing Nosh™ offers a variety of training programs. Each program is focused on a specific outcome and includes multiple sessions. Programs are developed to start with easy introductory sessions that progress to more advanced training as the skills of attendees develop.

Sherry MareeSessions are hosted by Sherry Maree. Sherry started the journey to healthy living soon after the turn of the century when she wanted the best for her children in terms of health. Sherry has subsequently attended and participated in many courses hosted by local and world-renowned health-food aficionados. What she has learned she has practised at home to provide a healthy diet for her family and friends.

Sherry now constructs healthy meal alternatives for restaurants to add to their existing menus so that they can attract families that include persons who eat healthy out of want or need.