Children enjoying their plant based cooking classes

Do you have a fussy eater? broccoli or banana? carrot or candy? Do you wish your child would enjoy their veggies as much as they enjoy cakes and sweets? Even better, can you picture your child requesting a smoothie for breakfast and not cereal pops? Do you want your child’s kitchen memory to be a pleasant time, developing wellness habits from young?

Knowledge and appreciation for good nutrition and a healthy view of plant- based foods is one of the best gifts you can give your child.

Consider some of the benefits of actively engaging your child with cooking by attending my cooking classes:

  • They learn that cooking can be fun. Preparing a meal from scratch can be very enjoyable. Your child’s senses are engaged when they help to cut , chop or peel veggies (age appropriate). You would not want to give a small child a sharp knife to chop, but he might enjoy washing the veggies and placing them into a serving bowl. Let them touch to experience the different textures and smells. Their expressions can be quite funny
  • Parents are excited to have their children learn how to appreciate and eat more healthy whole-foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and beans. I am amazed at the creative snacks and dishes the children make. I encourage their input and ideas.
  • Children learn maths and other academic skills. Children learn how to measure and convert ingredients. A recipe or meal is planned from scratch like a fun project. Your child is taught to be organised to begin and complete a task.
  • Children learn safety in the kitchen around the stove and with kitchen appliances. Life is busy and our children are busy with school and sport and play. This is an opportunity to focus on kitchen skills that will prove very useful throughout their lives.

We encourage you to enrol your child into a holiday cooking lesson or an after school program held at a venue at Mary-Ann’s private cooking school in Gordon’s Bay managed by Sherry Maree.

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