Classes for Domestics using plant based foods

Would you like to come home to a healthy homemade prepared meal after work? I am delighted to be providing one-on-one training for your domestic in the comfort and convenience of your own kitchen. Many people that have responded positively to my training at Mary-Ann Shearer’s private cooking school have requested training at their homes due to logistical challenges as they work full time and cannot transport their employee to the school during the day.

All the ingredients that I work with are wholefood plant- based. I cover popular meals, snacks, drinks & desserts such as pasta’s, raw vegan desserts, smoothies, juices, salads, soups and popular meals such as cottage pie, lasagna and gluten free bread.

I have experienced the absolute joy and fulfillment domestics have expressed when completing my training sessions. They are so excited not only to share this with their employer but it gives them satisfaction to have the tools to prepare these meals for their own families too.  Such meals are well balanced yet affordable and sustainable.

What we will be covering:

  • Proper kitchen hygiene when working with food
  • Knife skills
  • Effective use of  your kitchen appliances
  • Proper safety measures in the kitchen
  • Knowledge about how to effectively use wholefoods in cooking and how to substitutes should certain ingredient not be available
  • Healthy cooking methods such as dry frying and the proper use of oils
  • Each session will comprise a complete a salad, salad dressing, hummus, main meal & dessert

Each session includes:

  • Travel to the employers home within the Helderberg & Stellenbosch area. A separate quote for traveling further can be provided
  • Training from 2:30 pm until 5 pm on weekdays excluding public holidays
  • I will provide a list of ingredients that you will need for the meals we will prepare.

What are the advantages of having domestic training onsite?

  • You don’ have to  travel to and from a venue to drop & collect your domestic
  • The domestic will use your ingredients & equipment which will allow them the opportunity to become familiar & confident working with them
  • If they apply what they have learnt, you will have peace of mind knowing you can have a very healthy balanced meal prepared when you return home from work.

Cost R 500 per session per person

To book, email Sherry at :

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