Developing Healthy Meals For Restaurants

There are many restaurants that boast an array of healthy food options on their menu. While this is commendable there are different opinions as to what is healthy and acceptable in terms of food.

For example, gluten or grain free desserts feature on the menu but they are often laden with sugar. While that may help persons with wheat or gluten intolerance, that’s no good for anyone who is weight-conscious or diabetic!

I love dessert after eating out, or at home. It’s not an unusual scenario to drive around in pursuit of a healthy dessert late at night after eating dinner at a restaurant. Unfortunately, the healthy options are often tasteless or unexciting.

There are few restaurants that offer a tasty, wholesome, unique vegan burger patty for example. I’m not promoting Veganism I am simply relating the experience of many. The veggie burger is new and on demand on the menu for many well-known restaurants. But the general consensus is that the ingredients are not desirable and many not tasty or appealing.

It’s not about the title of the food, it’s about the quality of the ingredients and of course the taste experience – especially when dining out.

I am sure you feel the same way as I do, I want to enjoy the meal and walk away feeling like it was money well spent. It’s  not worth the headache or tummy ache experienced the next day from eating a meal that has ingredients that are tasty but do the body no good.

In the past few years, more and more people are appreciating the importance of adding more plants foods, preferably, raw organic foods to their diets. Supermarkets and restaurants are swayed by the new demands. This change has influenced the menus for restaurants in the same way.

5 years ago most people did not know what xylitol, quinoa, hemp seeds or spirulina was, but everyone talks about it now. Restaurants need to keep up with the times if they want to keep their existing customers and attract new customers.

I eat a mostly vegetarian diet. I chose this lifestyle for health reasons. It was only after years of research that I learnt of all the benefits of a plant-based diet. I needed to learn to cook and prepare tasty meals the non-traditional way. I grew up with having meat and carbs with every meal. Now I needed to make all the traditional meals using healthy alternatives that my family loved such as burgers, lasagne tasty to keep everyone happy.

I’m not sure how it happened but I  soon found myself on a path of helping restaurant owners develop truly healthy plant-based meals to their existing menu. They wanted ingredients that their customers were asking for – healthy alternatives so that the whole family can dine there together.

I have met so many people who struggle with mild to severe health issues and are excited at the prospect of enjoying a meal out and are confident they can order something that will nourish their body. Click here to visit a restaurant that has added the most amazing delicious healthy options to their menu. From farm to table.

I look forward to what lies ahead as I continue helping more restaurants and contributing one step at a time.


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