Latest domestic plant based cooking class Somerset West

Children love nourishing foods

Teaching your domestic to prepare healthy meals will not only benefit you and your family, but her family too. Join my class that is informative, hands-on and educational.  

My classes will equip your domestic to make healthy, simple affordable, gluten-free, whole-food, plant-based, vegan meals.

I have 4 sessions that cater for beginners to the more informed participant.

  • The introduction session will cover a talk on the reasons why we choose to eliminate meat, dairy, sugar, processed foods and preservatives and add a variety of gluten free grains, beans, nuts, legumes, seeds, veggies & fruit . I show them the anatomy of the wheat grain and a few other pictures to best demonstrate the point. A picture says a thousand words.
  • I make a warm breakfast sweetened with a healthy alternatives and show them all the healthy sweet foods they can use for children ( adults too) to add to the porridge with a nut milk
  • We make mini gluten free pizza with toppings that they make in batches and freeze for the children’s lunchboxes
  • The dessert is an amazing peanut butter or nut butter chocolate date balls made in a variety of ways. This too can be frozen and used when the children want a treat and for school lunch boxes.
  • The goal of my class is to leave the participant excited and ready to tackle making meals using plants that are tasty and nourishing. See here for references

The next 3 sessions have a theme such as dairy free. I cover more complicated meals, drinks, snack and desserts with each level.

Gluten, dairy and sugar free warm milk tart

Your domestic is welcome to start at any level you feel she is ready for. I will publish the dates for each class each week. If you wish for a private email please let me know at:

Gluten, sugar & dairy free chocolate cupcake with cashew frosting

TIMES: 10 AM until12 00 PM

DATES: 31 May 2018. The next session will be published on social media or a private email sent to you on request

PRICE: R 380.00 per person per class. Includes a cup of tea or coffee and they enjoy the foods we make

VENUE: Somerset West, Cape Town



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