From your perspective, the easy part is for a health practitioner, dietitian or sports coach to recommend that the intake of sugar, wheat, meat, dairy products or any other food be reduced or eliminated from the diet. The greatest challenge is for you to make and sustain a change in eating habits to effect this as a lifestyle change. It’s not easy to change what we eat. So how can this be achieved?

Nourishing Nosh™ Sustainable Healthy Living™ Sessions have been carefully designed to assist persons who have a need or desire to change their diet to do so in a sustainable manner. We will show you how to prepare absolutely delicious meals that exclude the foods you need to avoid. You will be shown how to prepare or produce foods that supplement your change in eating habits. Meet your host: Sherry Maree.

View our calendar for dates and venues for next sessions and to register. Alternatively, let Sherry know if you would like to arrange a private training session with friends or family.

What can you expect?


Sustainable Healthy Living™ Sessions provide focused interactive training. Each session focuses on achieving a specific outcome. During each session the topic is discussed in great detail, including – explaining the benefits clearly, providing alternatives, demonstrating how to make foods, tastings, etc. Some sessions may even include guest speakers. Examples of sessions include:

  • Learn how to make fermented foods like kefir, kombucha, kimchi and sauerkraut
  • Learn how to produce healthy snacks
  • Learn how to make healthy pizza
  • Learn how to make healthy smoothies
  • Learn how to make a wild yeast sourdough starter and sourdough bread
  • Understanding the benefits of Superfoods


Sustainable Healthy Living™ Programs are groups of Sessions that together help attendees to achieve a specific outcome.

  • Prepare meals for a child with ADD or ADHD
  • Reduce or eliminate sugar from your diet
  • Reduce or eliminate dairy from your diet
  • Reduce or eliminate gluten from your diet

New Sessions and Programs will continue to be added in the future.

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