02 August 2017


Thanks so much for your excellent cooking class. I have tried your recipes – and failed in the burger patties L But I know why, because I saw you doing the patties, so I will try again J

I also tried the cake that you demonstrated, and it worked 100% !! J I would not have been able to do that from a book.  I needed to see it demonstrated. Now we can have birthday cakes as a vegan family!!

Thanks again!!

Kind regards

Nina J

28 August 2017

Dear Sherry

Thank you for the classes. Our staff enjoyed learning about healthy eating and is preparing all these delicious dishes.

We definitely want to send two staff members again on the course, please.

Kind regards

14 September 2017

Hi Sherry

Thank you for the lively cooking class last night.  I am so inspired.

Please let me know when you have another class.

Would love to join.

Can i please ask for i gredients and quantities of the choc cake frosting.

I am having my kids over fir supper tomorrow and am making your whole meal.

Hope it comes out as nice as yours.



22 November 2017

Hi Sherry

Thank you!!!

The weekend went really well. We will be doing more next year.
The food was amazing, we were not with out food there was loads to go around. Everyone enjoyed the food immensely.
Thank you for you great input into making the weekend a success.